Our church has several committees where committed volunteers meet to do the work of the church.


Different committees focus on  worship, mission, Christian Education, music, property, outreach, and stewardship. 



Committees meet regularly to discuss, plan, and take action on the needs of the church.


From discussing the latest mission trip, to setting up a park clean up day, from planning the Older and Wiser Luncheon, to reviewing Sunday worship, each committee focuses on a particular area of ministry.   .


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Meeting Times


Committee Meeting Day Purpose
Cemetery Quarterly – 2nd Monday Responsible for care and maintenance of graves, cemetery, and related policies. 

cemetery record search

Christian Education Monthly –  2nd Monday Responsible for Church school work & program, youth activities, Women’s Fellowship, Outdoor Ministries, library and visual aids, etc. 


womens fellowship


Church and Ministry Monthly – 4th Monday Responsible for pastors/congregational relationships, the worship services and planning; acceptance and dismissal of members, concern for the inactive, spiritual advisors.

pastors message

Consistory  Monthly – 4th Monday Responsible for all committees.

guidelines for greeters and ushers

Visiting Ministries   Responsible for developing a program for the older adult, visitation to elderly and bereaved.
Finance Monthly – 2nd Monday Related to church finances, interpreting benevolences, and budget make-up.

Electronic Funds Transfer form

Friendship Monthly – 2nd Monday Related to outreach in the community.  Visitors, newcomers to the community, prospectives, prayer vigils, good public relations, greeters after the services, assimilating new members.

new disciples

Health and Welfare Monthly – 2nd Monday Responsible for helping needy persons in the church and community, as well as contributing to the community organizations related to Health and Welfare needs, Harvest Home, Christmas remembrances.
Historical   Reviews historical documents, artifacts, and arranges for historical events/presentations.

history (about us)

senior pastors

Mission Outreach Monthly – 2nd Monday Responds to disasters by offering light repairs. Reaches out to communities in need with hands on support. 


trip logs

Music Monthly – 1st Sunday Reviews plans for worship schedule.  Coordinates choirs at appropriate services. Responsible for organ and piano care. Consists of staff, Senior Choir, and Consistory members. Relates to all music policies. 


Park Monthly, Feb.-Nov. –

2nd Monday

Responsible for care and maintenance of the Park. Reviews park contracts and responsible for park related activities.
Personnel As Needed –  2nd Monday Reviews and updates the personnel policies and job descriptions of the church staff.  Proposes/forms personnel search committees. Reviews compensation.
Planned Giving Every Other Month (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec) – 2nd Monday Oversees the development and management of endowments, investments, and planned gifts.  Develops a program to encourage planned giving to the church.
Property Monthly – 2nd Monday Responsible for all maintenance and care of the property of the church buildings and land. Responsible for park activities, annual supper and auction, and two houses. Trustees are automatically part of this committee.


Stewardship Monthly – 2nd Monday Related to talent activities, stewardship growth, etc. All incoming Deacons are asked to serve on this committee for the first year.


wish list

Women’s Fellowship Monthly – 2nd Monday Works to unite all the women of the church in Christian Fellowship, and with Divine help and guidance to Develop an understanding of the work of the entire church, Deepen spiritual life, Stimulate sacrificial giving and Promote Christian service. 

womens fellowship












Sunday Services

  8:00 AM   Early Service


  9:15 AM   Sunday School 


10:30 AM   Late Service

Contact Information

1070 Church Road
East Greenville, PA 18041
Phone: 1(215) 679 2041
Fax: 1(215) 679 6684